Share The Meal

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What a difference an app can make!

Sharethemeal allows you to donate to feed children in Yemen, Syria, Uganda, and many other countries simply by tapping. A mere 50 cents feeds a child for a day. You can also choose to feed a child for a week, a month, or more. Monthly donations may also be set up.

How about donating 50 cents every time you eat out? Or every visit to the grocery store? You can form teams to encourage your friends to contribute as well. Such a small amount to us can make a huge difference to a hungry child.

An initiative of the United Nations World Food Programme, the app has already raised funds for over 29 million meals. Visit or your phone’s app store for more information.

Our thanks to Benjamin Roberts, the nephew of Sally and Dave Sullivan, who visited Westside in November and shared this opportunity with us!

Join the Journey, 12.9.18

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Question: How do you see God showing up through your life?


  1. Children and grandchildren.

  2. Love from family and friends; generosity of others.

  3. He is within me - His Holy Spirit keeps me in a humble and serene space.

  4. Answering prayer and comforting myself and family He is leading the way.

  5. Guiding me to areas to serve those less fortunate.

  6. Talking to me about life - helping me deal with grief! Reminding me of my faith.

  7. I pause and pray, instead of reacting.

  8. Through my neighbors, Bea and Don. Through my partner, Wayne. God’s protection during a recent fall. Jenna, my daughter’s life, new job and boyfriend this year.

  9. In so many ways! Continued good health of me and my sister, my home, friends, work, etc, etc, etc.

  10. In promptings to connect with people and share my joy.

  11. Everyday in the growth of my children and the continued growth of my ministry.

  12. By giving me my Love of my Life, my wife.

  13. In my children and grandchildren, friends and neighbors and the many unknown faces I see every day.

Sneak Peek for this Sunday


”All will call me blessed…” No one has been more accurate in that statement than Mary. She had told God yes to the huge announcement that she of all the young Jewish women would bear God’s son. Called “Theotikos” — “God-bearer” by the Orthodox, Mary indeed bore God, impossibly made man, within her and birthed God in the flesh through her life. She was the first God-bearer. As the priests in Israel had borne the Ark, the presence of God on their shoulders supported by the poles, so we still “bear God” in this world. The ark and the temple combined in humanity because of Mary. After Jesus came through her, we have become Him in this world. We shoulder God’s presence. He is again conceived in our hearts, “you have been born again through the imperishable seed implanted” penned Peter (1 Peter 1:23) in order to become mature in him, complete (Matthew 5:48). Do we, like Mary, remember our connection to this long history? Do we remember we are blessed?

Milestone Surpassed!


Thanks to you, Family Promise was awarded a 30% matching donation from Bottle Drop. They had hoped to collect $500 in refundable bottles and receive a 20% donation, but they actually collected over $1100, bringing the donation to 30%, or almost $350. Westsiders brought in 12% of the bottles. Well done!

We will continue to collect refundables year-round to support Family Promise. Thanks for your support.

Gifts and Talents Workshop

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"When I first led the Gifts and Talents Workshop while working with another congregation, I was skeptical.  I mean, this seemed like a backdoor to spiritual gifts.  But as I walked through the course, the exercises, and challenged others to do so as well, what I saw happening was the birthing of deeper relationships between participants and then in the end, I watched as God began to move among them.  More than a 'gift inventory,' this course is a workshop in getting to know yourself through the eyes of others and in that 'knowing' discovering gifts hidden within which you might never have seen before.  It is a remarkable course.  Sign up."  Pastor Brian

The Gifts and Talents Workshop is coming to Westside! On two consecutive weekends in February, you will have the opportunity to discover the spiritual gifts that were bestowed upon you by the Holy Spirit.

Find out which outreach/ministry/passion best suits your talents. Your time and energy will be so much more fruitful if spent where the Holy Spirit leads.

The cost is only $25 which includes all materials, snacks and two meals. Registration forms are available in the lobby and here.

HomePlate Update

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Bonnie Becker and Pastor Brian met with HomePlate Youth Services on December 5th regarding Westside providing a future Wednesday night drop-in site.  

The organization is still surveying the youth to see what they would like and where.  

Currently our space is not an ideal location for the HomePlate drop-in.  There are so many kids in the Aloha High School area that having something closer is preferable.  However, we do have you all who have interest and investment in doing something. They are so thrilled with your energy and interest so stay tuned! 

The next meeting will happen in mid-January to look at the Wednesday night gathering site needs.  If you are interested in being on that team contact Bonnie Becker.  That night we will also discuss another agenda item of where HomePlate might move its main office as the current location is getting too small.  

They are searching for space near the MAX line with shower and laundry facilities, kitchen, hang out area, etc.  The space needs to accommodate 60+. 

We talked about offering another drop-in at Westside for any interested youth some Wednesday between now and the next visioning meeting.  HomePlate might take us up on that.  

Pray for vision for a new location for the main office!  Pray for vision for Wednesday night for the youth.

Join the Journey, 12.2.18

Question: How has fear had an impact upon your heart and life?


  1. It almost ended it. Thankfully, Jesus met me on that cold floor and brought me back to life through his amazing love and grace and forgiveness.

  2. It has made me even more aware how much I can depend on God when I am afraid.

  3. Overreacting to situations that cause anger and misunderstanding; kept me on the sidelines of life by missing opportunities.

  4. Need maximum time with my family. Fear of anything fatal.

  5. It helps me not make bad decisions because of the fear.

  6. Fear about what others thought of me which was inhibiting.

  7. I am hesitant to trust my heart to another relationship. Staying close to God.

Opportunities for Christmas Outreach

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This Christmas season there are so many ways to share God’s love with our neighbors, through donations of time and material goods. Here’s a brief rundown of some ways Westsiders are assisting those in need:

Give:  Your Christmas Offering to the church on December 16. Your generous gift makes a difference in the lives of so many through our various ministries.

Sign Up:  Bring food and/or gifts for our Christmas families by December 16.  Signup sheets and gift requests are in the church lobby.

Volunteer:  For the WFWA Christmas Party on December 15. Call the WFWA Office at 503.681.9399 or Merry Goldthorpe for more details.

Encourage:  Support homeless teens by buying gift cards for the Beaver’s Den at Beaverton High School. Donations of food and toiletries are collected year-round.

Assist:  The HomePlate Youth Christmas Store needs volunteers tonight and on December 13 to assist the youth in shopping for their families. Call Bonnie Becker for more info.

Support:  A Family Promise family is graduating to their own home.  There are still items needed; contact Bonnie Becker for more info.

Food and Gifts

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A Favorite Westside Tradition

This Christmas we have seven families that we have “adopted” for the holidays. We will be collecting donations of food, gifts, and gift cards beginning this Sunday.

You will find all the information on the round table in the lobby. You can sign up to bring food or take a gift tag off the tree. Please sign and leave the white copy of the tag, so that Bonnie knows who has what.

If you choose to donate a gift card, please consider ordering it through our Scrip program this Sunday. The church receives a percentage of the proceeds from the retailers.

Thank you for your generosity!

Sneak Peek for this Sunday


There are so many things I have always loved about Joseph. First, he says nothing in the gospels.  No recorded word. That’s immense. Second, he’s a strong, silent type. I don’t know what that is like! :-) He is righteous -- upright before God. He is chosen to be the earthly dad for the Son of God, that has got to merit him some admiration.  Some of us guys get to be dads of all kinds of incredible kids, but there was only One Jesus. And I imagine the stress of the responsibility to raise God’s Son might have been a bit overwhelming! Yet, Joseph, he sought an out it appears not because he thought Mary had really sinned, but because he believed she was pregnant with God! It took divine intervention and a prophetic quote to convince this man Joseph not to go through with his plan.  And that’s all it took. Joseph shifted gears and “did what the angel had said” and took Mary home as his wife but had no union with her until she brought forth Jesus. What a guy. How are you “Still Joseph” as events come that bring fear? How are you still him as you choose faith? How are you still him as you obey God in your life? What might it look like for you to walk alongside of Jesus as Jesus works within you?

Order Scrip this Sunday


There will be a special edition of our Scrip program this Sunday, December 2. This will allow you to order gift cards for your personal Christmas gifts but also for the homeless teens at Beaverton High School, and for the seven families that we have adopted for the holiday.

Our adopted families are also requesting Walmart, Target, and Fred Meyer cards for their daily needs. All of these are available through our Scrip program.

If you’ve never purchased scrip, it’s simple: you pay full price for the card, the recipient gets full value for the card. The church receives a percentage from the retailer. How sweet is that?

So look for us this Sunday and make your shopping easier!

EPIK Support

We will continue our support through December, of the important work EPIK is doing. Here’s a video with more information:

A word from EPIK founder Tom Perez

When I started The EPIK Project in 2011, I only knew two things: 1) that men created the demand that drives sex trafficking, and 2) that Better Men could help end that demand. Today, I know one more thing: there are Better Men everywhere and they’re called EPIK volunteers. Though we’re small in number,  the impact these men are having has been felt across the anti-trafficking movement. In a few short years, EPIK has become a national leader with strong local roots in 11 cities from Portland to Detroit to San Diego to Anchorage and beyond. Thank you for being our champion in the past, and no matter the size of your investment, I can tell you that its making a difference!

On Saturday December 1 in Portland, Oregon EPIK is hosting our third annual EPIK Journey. This is one of our main annual fundraisers, but it is also a unique and immersive educational experience where we literally walk in the shoes of our friends who have been trafficked on the streets of our communities. I wanted to personally invite you to join us either as an individual fundraiser yourself, or by donating directly to the event. Our goal this year is to raise $50,000. These funds go towards staff and operational support for our nearly 200 trained volunteers in Portland and across the country. Would you help us get there? Recently we received a $10,000 matching grant.! We’re $3,200 away from receiving that matching pledge which will bring us to 40% of our total goal.  But we’ll need a big push in the next week and a half to hit 100% . We can’t get there without your help.

EPIK is working for exponential impact: disrupting the market systems that facilitate sex trafficking. Attacking the roots of trafficking. And calling men to reach their full potential as humans who (like women) bear the image of God. We have heard of many stories of former pimps and johns, who leave trafficking and leverage their influence in their former networks to challenge, resist, and confront the system at a direct level.

This work is far from over, so as #givingtuesday approaches, will you partner once again with us at The EPIK Project?

Thank you again,
Tom Perez

3rd Annual EPIK Journey


Dec. 1, 2018 10a-2p
Walk from NE 82nd Ave and Sandy to SE 82nd and Stark, Portland, OR
Lunch provided at Flying Pie Pizzeria

( rain or shine to stand in solidarity )


We're effective. In 2018 EPIK added 3 more cities to our roster of men engaged in ending demand bringing the total to 11 cites and roughly 150 active volunteers, blew past our goal of reaching 100,000 purchase attempts (currently 122,000), and continue to innovate disruptive techniques.

We're asking the right questions. A couple weeks ago we hosted our first ever Leadership Huddle and 50 men from across the country, representing every volunteer city, gathered in Portland to ask the question, "In a culture that exploits the vulnerable, what is my part in creating change." Led by sage women who have deeply informed EPIK, we had a weekend that was described as "one of the most unique leadership experiences in 40 years." Our men are humble, ready to do what it takes, and deeply committed to the long game of culture change. We love our volunteers and funds raised help us to serve them better.

We're trusted. EPIK is humbled by many invitations to speak, teach, and help lead in the fight against trafficking.

So we need your help to raise as much funds as possible to continue engaging men in the solution of ending demand! Please join us!


Tom and Justin

Update: Christmas for WFWA Workers

warm gifts.jpg

Our friends in the Western Farm Workers Association would appreciate your assistance this Christmas season. While all the children would love toys, please also consider warm clothes, jackets and blankets. Some families were unable to keep the heat on in their homes last winter.

When shopping, please keep teens in mind as well. They are often overlooked.

Donations to the WFWA members need to be returned to the church by December 9 for the party on the 15th. Volunteers are also needed on the 15th for food prep, set up, serving, Santa Room, children's games and crafts, and clean up. If you have any questions, please contact Merry Goldthorpe or the WFWA Office, 503.681.9399. Thank you!

Devotional Study Begins

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Westsiders, along with other churches in the Greater NW, are invited to join Bishop Elaine Stanovsky in a year-long devotional study based on Brian McLaren’s book, “We Make the Road by Walking.” On December 2 we will begin Part 2 of the study, so that the weeks align with the church calendar.

Here’s what Amazon says:

This book offers everything you need to explore what a difference an honest, living, growing faith can make in our world today.

Each weekly reading can be read aloud in 10 to 12 minutes and offers a simple curriculum of insightful reflections and transformative practices. Reimagine what it means to live joyfully and responsibly in today's world as agents of God's justice, creativity, and peace.

Join the Journey, 11.25.18

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Question: For what “awkward” blessing are you ready to say “thank you”?


  1. The “collection” of family - all shapes, sizes and ages. And personalities.

  2. For my saying okay I will accept this.

  3. Being a young, unwed mother. What a TRUE blessing he has been to me and those who know him.

  4. The downtime feature on my phone restricts when I can use it, but it also helps me sleep.

  5. Jenna’s honesty in speaking openly re: her decision to accept Wayne so she and I can have a positive relationship. She said, “It’s not God, but me that influenced this decision.” I was speechless.

  6. That I may have children.