Sneak Peek for this Sunday


Chris Overstreet is an evangelist with a powerful testimony of how his life has been transformed by the power of God. At 18 years old, Chris surrendered his life to Jesus Christ and has been transformed spirit, soul, and body. Chris has lost 195 pounds and credits his weight loss to God's grace working through his life to help him make better choices throughout the years. Chris is the Outreach Pastor for Bethel Church where he trains and equips the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry students in supernatural evangelism in Redding, CA. Chris has a passion for souls and loves to equip the body of Christ to reach the lost. His passion for Jesus Christ is contagious, and it is common for miracles, salvations and life transformations to take place as a result of Chris living his life naturally supernaturally. Chris travels nationally and internationally, preaching the good news of Jesus Christ and equipping the Church to do the same. Chris and his beautiful wife Stefanie and their young daughter named Brielle Shalom recently moved to Portland, OR to seek to bring revival to the NW. Out of a vision Chris founded Compassion to Action, which hosted its first event at the Portland Convention Center in September bringing the gospel, healing and hope to more than 10,000 people. Expect God to move.

Join the Journey, 10.14.18

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Question: What step or action this week put on display the fact hat you steward God’s love?


  1. I was able to share scripture that I had read and remembered!

  2. Today we are taking my mother-in-law to the Sauvie Island pumpkin patch and to our small group

  3. Sharing my love with others/Girls of Grace meeting at my home — praying for others

  4. I had the chance to speak love to some homeless teenagers who needed to “see” the love of Jesus in action

  5. Volunteering

  6. By attending “Morning Watch”

Sneak Peek for this Sunday


You’re a priest carrying the Ark -- the presence of God -- so revered the people cannot be closer to you and the ark than nearly a mile and Joshua tells you to “Go stand in the river.”  At this point, on this day, the Jordan River is at flood stage and he has said “Go stand in it.” Looking at this, both you and the other three priests carrying the Ark with you and the Ark will be rushing downstream if this doesn’t go well.  Do you ask about the wisdom of this? Do you ask what the other priests say? Or do you just obey, “just do it”?

The priests of Joshua’s day were familiar with the Nike slogan and did not say a word but did as told. They went to stand in the river. The water was rushing in torrents, until their feet touched the water and then their feet landed not on water, not on mud, but on dry ground.  A God who created all things can do ANYTHING. What impact might this have had on your faith that day? How might you have felt toward Joshua as you glanced upstream and there was this tower of water that once was the river? Stewardship is all about obedience, and obedience begins with the next step.  Where is God asking you to “Just Do It!”

CrossOver to Life: A message from the Bishop

In the midst of an unsettled political and social climate, in the midst of denominational challenges and fears of what General Conference will decide in February 2019 about the future of The United Methodist Church, Bishop Elaine Stanovsky invites us to turn our eyes upon Jesus and trust in his promise of life, and that abundantly.  We are calling this a crossover year, and what we are crossing over to is Life!

“Jesus said that he came so people “could live life to the fullest.” - John 10:10 (CEB)

Come with me on a year of Crossing Over to LIFE, beginning with Advent, December 2, 2018. 

The journey begins as Brian McLaren leads us on a year-long exploration on the bible and faith in his book, We Make the Road by Walking. I hope that across the Greater Northwest many of you will gather in small groups for this study, but you can do it as an individual if a group isn’t possible for you. I hope you will invite people from across generations and cultures, and from outside as well as inside the church — maybe family members or friends who are curious-but-not-committed to Christian faith. I hope that together we can explore and discover new ways to respond to the challenges we face in our lives, in the Church, the nation and the world.

Each week, in 3-4 pages, McLaren invites us to revisit biblical principles for living. You’ll receive blog posts to expand your study, with reflections and prayers and a place for comments and conversation. As we journey together, we’ll add opportunities for conversation, further study and action.”

More information can be found at



Vermont Hills UMC has invited all of us to share in their Second Sunday Spiritual Practice, this Sunday, October 14, at 6:00 pm. This month’s topic is the labyrinth. A tradition thousands of years old, a labyrinth is a method of meditation that oftens offers enlightenment on your inner questions and struggles.

The evening will include a short video, a time of centering, and the opportunity to walk an indoor labyrinth or a smaller one outdoors (or both!) The leader has many years of experience and will be happy to facilitate your experience, whether you’re a beginner or well-practiced.

Vermont Hills UMC is located at 6053 SW 55th Drive in Portland.

Charge Conference Nov 4

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This year, our annual Charge Conference will look a little different. We will be joining with a handful of other churches in our district for an afternoon of sharing in worship, business, and vision for the future.

This “Action Assembly” will be on Sunday, November 4, from 2:00 - 5:00 pm at Christ UMC. If you’re planning on attending, please register at so we have a headcount.

These are the three most important district hours this year, if you want to be involved in our church and its future. We hope you will be there.

HomePlate is Coming to Westside!


Beginning this fall, we will host a drop-in center in the Lighthouse for homeless teens. Every Wednesday evening, we will offer a meal, a movie, and board games.

Anyone who is interested in participating will need to attend training here at our church (date TBA). You don’t need to attend Westside — you just need to have a heart for homeless kids. Let us know of your interest at, so we can keep you in the loop.

Find out more about HomePlate Youth Services at If you have any questions about what we will be doing on Wednesday evenings, please contact Bonnie Becker at

What a wonderful opportunity to reach out in our community!

Beaver's Den at BHS


We told you about the Beaver’s Den at Beaverton High School, the group that connects homeless teens and their families with food and other necessities, on Sep 28. They also keep snacks available for those who are hungry. Here’s an updated list of some items they could use:
peanut butter, jelly, falafel, white beans, olives, vegetable oil, Tide Pods, individual hummus cups, crackers, gift cards, gift bags, granola, trail mix, cheese sticks and fruit. You may bring these items to the church.

If you can volunteer your time at the Beaver’s Den on Friday afternoons, please contact BHS counselors Anne Bafaro ( or Stephanie Peters ( More info at, including how to donate supplies through Amazon! Thanks for your support of this effort.

Join the Journey, 10.7.18

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Question: What might you hope your use of time says about your faith in Jesus?


  1. That people have a real intimacy with the Holy Spirit as they can see my relationship with Him as I reach out to people with God’s love through faith.

  2. That I care for those who don’t have a voice.

  3. That I am asking, seeking and knocking on a daily basis. That is my goal!

  4. Make lots of time available for spiritual holidays (Christmas.)

  5. Jesus is first in my time, my thoughts, my goals.

  6. That I have compassion.

Sneak Peek for this Sunday


What’s the meaning of church for you?  Why do you come? Why do you stay away? In this era, in this culture, at the time in life, what causes you to be involved or not be involved in the worshiping community of Westside?

Culturally we live in an era in which weekly church attendance is impossible for many -- between work, sports, family commitments, etc.,  it is outside the realm of possibility to get to a worship event. But what is the reason to try to come? This Sunday I witnessed one mother and daughter, standing side by side, the daughter stood on a chair, arms around one another, singing joyfully together and I thought:  that’s one reason: To worship as a family. There were dads with daughters, sisters together, friends. I saw people connecting, belonging to one another and to the Lord. Last week I saw several surround a couple who were in tough circumstances, praying, hugging, crying, loving. That’s church. That’s community.  The fact is: We need each other. To worship together, to stand with one another worshiping this One creator God is one way we get to recognize and experience that belonging. Come to worship: Belong.

Chris Overstreet at Westside


International speaker and evangelist, Chris Overstreet, will be at Westside on Sunday, October 21, for our morning worship services.

Founder of Compassion to Action, Chris was most recently at the Portland 2018 evangelism conference at the Oregon Convention Center, where thousands were saved and thousands more were healed on the streets of Portland. The event had more than 200 live streaming locations in over 130 cities. You can read testimonies at

Chris has a passion for souls and loves to equip the body of Christ to reach the lost. His passion for Jesus Christ is contagious, and it is common for miracles, salvations and life transformations to take place as a result of Chris living his life naturally supernaturally. Chris travels nationally and internationally, preaching the good news of Jesus Christ and equipping the Church to do the same.  

You’re invited to experience God’s power and grace through Chris on Sunday, October 21, at 8:15 or 10:00 am. Bring your family, friends, and neighbors. This is a “not-to-be-missed” event!

Small Groups Meeting 10.7 - 10.13

small groups.png

Lunch bunch

October 8, 11:30 am

Family Room


Westside Readers

Monday, 4:00

Jan Shoemaker’s House


Choir rehearsal

Monday, 7:30 pm


Bible Basics

Tuesday, 6:30 pm



Stewardship Team

Tuesday, 7:00 pm


Worship team

Wednesday, 7:00 am


Girls of Grace

Thursday 6:30 pm

Dianne Deits’ House


Music team rehearsal

Thursday, 6:30 pm


Life Group

Friday, 9:30 am

Deb Gabel’s house


Men’s Breakfast

Saturday, 8:30 am

Family Room


Reminder: Grief Recovery Weekend


Are you, or is someone you love, grieving the end of a marriage from a death, divorce or permanent separation?  A Beginning Experience Weekend can help with the healing from such a loss.  The next opportunity to attend one will be the weekend of October  12-14, 2018, in Milwaukie, near Clackamas Town Center.  

The retreat consists of presentations by Beginning Experience team members, periods for private personal reflection, and sharing in small groups. The weekend begins on Friday evening and concludes Sunday afternoon. The cost of $195 includes lodging for 2 nights in a double room, meals and resource materials. Special arrangements may be made for payment, and partial scholarships are available. Single rooms are available for an additional $20.

Please contact Karen: 971-404-6512 or More information may be found on the website  


With the help of the founders of Marriage Encounter, Beginning Experience was created by Sister Josephine Stewart and others, in 1974. The Oregon team, active since 1978, provides 3 healing Weekends each year.  It is a peer ministry of people who have benefitted from this program and have received training to offer the opportunity to others.  It is included in the list of approved ministries of the U. S. Council of Catholic Bishops

Heart2Heart Farms

heart to heart farms.png

Don’t miss your last opportunity this year to get dirty for a good cause!

Wear your work clothes and gloves and join us on Saturday, October 13, from 9:00 - noon at Heart2Heart Farms. We will be assisting in whatever manner is needed — loading/unloading boxes, mucking stalls, feeding animals. All to assist the farm in providing healthy food for those in need.

The farm is located at 21555 SW Hells Canyon Rd in Sherwood. See you there!

On the Journey, 9.30.18

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Only one answer was received to this week’s question: What do you think your spending pattern tells about your faith?

Answer: I have far more than I need and I try to share what I have with others in some way everyday, but the needs are sometimes overwhelming and I often feel I can and should do more.

I think we can all identify with the desire to do more. That’s the beauty of being part of Westside Journey — no matter how much or how little you have, when you give to the church, your gift becomes part of something much larger: the global United Methodist Church.

You may not be aware of it, but you’re not just paying the electric bill at Westside Journey; you’re helping stamp out malaria. Providing help to the poor across America. Supporting women of color in their educational pursuits. All these and much more. Give a little — it makes a big difference.

For more information, visit


Beaver's Den at BHS


Here’s an active way to help homeless families and kids in the Beaverton area: the Beaver Den, a weekly “market” at Beaverton High School, that connects food and much more to those in need. They need volunteers on Fridays from 2:00 - 3:30 pm. To justify the cost of a background check, they request that you commit to one Friday a month.

Please contact BHS counselors Anne Bafaro ( or Stephanie Peters ( if you can help. More info at