Join the Journey

Join the Journey, 6.3.18


Question: How can you create space to truly rest?  What distracts you from that rest?


  1. Separation physically from others / Always have something I choose to prioritize as work
  2. By quieting my mind and being with God in a still place / Fear and stress
  3. Put away all screens (phone, iPad, TV) / Busyness; being a doer - wanting to cross things off my to-do list
  4. Get dog onto couch and lie next to him / Evil tutoring homework
  5. Through daily prayer / Pace of life
  6. Spiritual peace

Join the Journey, 5.13.18


Question: Remember a moment, name it, when someone stopped to care for you.


  1. People that helped me after surgery 5.11.17
  2. Joe stopped to hug, listen and encourage me when I was having a bad day.
  3. When I had knee surgery and a friend came and stayed with me.
  4. Telly today.  But this week Antonia, 5, stopped and offered mercy and grace after I fell.
  5. Numerous Westside members helped us with our wedding on 5.6!  We are so grateful!
  6. In huge difficult times my mother will stop and drop everything to come and care for me.
  7. My mom.  All the time.  Especially when I was sick.  We laughed, we cried, she never left my side.
  8. When I broke my arm and my boys took care of me.

Join the Journey, 5.6.18

Question: How has someone brought light to your heart or life?


  1. My best friend who walks life with me and shares her life with me too!
  2. Grandchildren
  3. Many people - friends and family have been good to me but my sister in particular
  4. Wendy Boren Morrill
  5. Here at WUMC...I've been allowed to speak my truth without worry of judgment, which has allowed my heart and faith to heal
  6. Help in times of trouble
  7. Karen every day of my life
  8. Unconditional love from my husband
  9. Aurelia shows me ow to view the world with an innocence
  10. Pastor Brian, I thank you for being a light in my life - thank you Jesus for the gift of Brian