Sneak Peek for this Sunday


An angelic visitation. A dream fulfilled. Zechariah has the most amazing encounter with a messenger from God. He and his wife Elizabeth are going to finally have a baby after all these years and prayers. He’s elated right? Ready to shout the news from the rooftops. No. He questions. He doubts. He is afraid. We’re too old he quips. Fear and doubt have silenced his faith. Now, too, his speech is silenced as well. Until the proof comes. Until the baby is born. When faith is no longer required.

What prayers have you prayed but stopped listening for answers? What dreams have you set aside, doubting they could come to pass? How has doubt or fear marred the expected outcome of a situation or relationship in your life?

Find grace and strength in the story of Zechariah as we walk this slow path toward advent.

The Gifts That Keep on Giving


Last month we were invited to make our commitment to God and ourselves with our pledge of time, service, and/or finances. If you have not returned your pledge card yet, please do so. If you need another card, they are available at church or here.

Even if circumstances prevent financial support, you can still commit to pray, assist on Sunday mornings, or serve in an outreach ministry.

We encourage everyone to return a pledge card. It marks an intentional desire to grow spiritually in 2019 — and that’s something from which everyone benefits.

"Inside Out" on December 1

inside out.jpg

Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust, and Sadness - these are the characters in Pixar’s 2015 “Inside Out.” We’ll be watching this funny, adventurous, and all-too-human animated film on Saturday, December 1 in our sanctuary.

Which characters do you relate to? Which character drives your actions? Which character is most present now, for this Advent season?

Our Family Promise families will be invited to join us, so we hope that you will attend. It will be an oasis of enjoyment in the midst of the hustle and bustle.

See you at 6:30 pm on December 1 in the sanctuary!

Sneak Peek for this Sunday


Last year we looked first at this amazing research into the star of Bethlehem, the story of how the heavens are not random, but a clock that can be wound back via computers and reveal exactly what the skies above Babylon looked like in 3 BC around the time Jesus was conceived.  The testimony of the heavens was so vast and particular it caused those men, schooled in prophesy through the centuries old testimony of Daniel, to depart their homeland and travel for months in order to meet this child born king. They have been famously remembered. We still demonstrate their kind of wisdom when we trust God’s word and step out to speak, to be His in this culture, to stand up.  We still demonstrate their kind of wisdom as we encounter hardships as part of the journey. Their brave journey took months to accomplish. And they might have actually arrived to meet and worship the then toddler Jesus on December 25th, 2 BC, according to our calendars. That’s the date the planet jupiter stopped above Bethlehem. It seems too incredible to be true. But the heavens declare this.  Come share together in this wonderful dance of the heavens and in the testimony of God’s word that God knows and cares and is working in EVERYTHING you might experience as we take this step in our slow walk through Advent…   

Small Groups Meeting 11.11 - 11.17

small groups with coffee.jpg

Confirmation Class

Sunday, 3:30 pm


Lunch Bunch

Monday, 11:30 am


Westside Readers

Monday, 4:00 pm


Choir rehearsal

Monday, 7:30 pm


Bible Basics

Tuesday, 6:30 pm


Worship Design Team

Wednesday, 7:00 am


HomePlate Drop-in

Please Pray for our first gathering


Prayer Gathering

Thursday, 6:30 pm


Music Team Rehearsal

Thursday, 6:30 pm


Life Group

Friday, 9:30 am

Deb Gabel’s house


Empty Bowls to benefit HomePlate

empty bowls.jpg

Purchase a handmade bowl and receive a free, home-cooked meal! This “Empty Bowls” event, to be held on Friday, November 16, will benefit HomePlate Youth Services.

HomePlate supports the positive development of young people experiencing homelessness or housing instability. They are the only non-profit drop-in center in Washington County. Westsiders will be hosting HomePlate youth for the first time next week.

Join us from 5:00 - 7:00 pm at Forest Grove Senior Center, 2037 Douglas Street, and support homeless teens.

Family Promise Wish List


There is a family moving on from Family Promise soon. To make their transition easier, the following items are requested (preference in parentheses):

  • Toothbrushes (hard bristle)

  • Toothpaste (Colgate Optic White or Colgate Mint)

  • Shampoo (Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine or Tresemme Luxurious Moisture)

  • Conditioner (matching shampoo)

  • Deodorant (Dove clear or Degree Men’s clear)

  • Bar Soap (Dove Cucumber & Green Tea)

  • Body Wash (Old Spice Red Zone Swagger)

  • Razors (Gillette 5 blade)

  • Shaving Cream (Skintimate Raspberry Rain)

  • Feminine Hygiene (Always Ultra Thin Super with wings)

  • Hairspray (Rave 4x Mega)

  • Plastic hangers

  • Bedding: comforter, 2 sheet sets, blanket, pillows (Spiderman, for 7-yr-old boy)

spiderman bedding.jpeg

If you have questions, please contact Bonnie Becker

Join the Journey, 11.4.18

Join the Journey 3.jpg

Question: Is there anything you find particularly difficult with the upcoming holidays?


  1. Memories of Christmases gone by with my parents.

  2. We will be traveling as a family to Florida - not having too high of expectations for our time together.

  3. What gift for the grandkids.

  4. Loss, expectations.

  5. I am alone / no family but I have my church family.

  6. Finding time to be calm and reflect on the real reason for the season.

  7. Setting a date for a big celebration and then worrying about staying well to carry it out.

Sneak Peek for this Sunday


“Come Let Us Adore Him!” so the carol admonished us.  “Come, Adore Jesus!” That is the one overarching theme of Christmas, yet, my neighbor finished buying all her presents last Monday. We seek to please people, to behave aright, to not bring up the forbidden topics at the Thanksgiving table, to tolerate people we resoundly dislike, to put on a face of “holiday cheer,” when feeling anything but.  We are to find “How Great Our Joy,” yet, find instead a great deal of stress. With losses, deaths, challenges, hurts, and arguments coming back to mind from previous holidays, it is difficult to walk into this season joyfully. For some the darkness in the atmosphere, reminds them of the darkness around their hearts. Will there ever be joy again?  These realities pressed in upon us as a worship team and so in May we decided we needed to take a Slow Walk Through Advent, this year, a camino, if you will, in order to savor all the season was meant to offer.  We wanted to learn to release in order to more readily embrace Jesus all through November and December. So, truly, you are invited to come adore Him, day by day, moment by moment, tough stuff alongside the easy. Let’s discover together what is possible in this season.   

EPIK Journey


Here is another opportunity to support EPIK (Everyman Protecting Innocent Kids; our “spare change” ministry on Sunday mornings.)

They are holding an EPIK Journey, a fundraising walk on Saturday, December 1. You may participate by sponsoring a walker — or walking yourself! The goal is to raise $50,000 or more to continue their work of fighting trafficking.

A friend of Pastor Brian’s is walking and would gladly assist those who would like to join the walk. Learn more about the Journey and find Bradley’s information here.

Food Drive for WFWA

food drive.jpg

Thank you for your support of the Western Farm Workers Association over the summer! With your help, we supplied hot meals, additional food, clothing, and school supplies.

Now we ask your assistance in stocking pantries for the holidays. The most requested items are dried pinto beans, white rice, and vegetable oil. Cash is also appreciated, to buy turkeys. Please bring non-perishables to church by November 18; cash or checks should be marked WFWA.

Questions or the desire to help with perishable foods such as fruit and meat? Contact Merry Goldthorpe.

Survivor Day

survivors day.jpg

Survivor Day is the one day a year when people affected by suicide loss gather around the world at events in their local communities to find comfort and gain understanding as they share stories of healing and hope.

This year the event is on Saturday, November 17. Our local gathering will be held from 8:30 am - 1:00 pm at West Portland UMC, 4729 SW Taylor’s Ferry Road.

There will be breakout groups for those in the green and silver bead families. Childcare is available with advance notice. To register or for more information, please visit

Family Promise Sign-up

family promise.jpg

We will be hosting the homeless families from Family Promise again the week of November 25 - December 2 in our Lighthouse.

Please look at your calendars and sign up for the dates that work for you.  If you make a commitment to serve, please make it a priority on your calendar.  We are mandated to have 2 people to attend each part of the evening by the Safe Sanctuaries policy. 

Sign-up is now easier than ever at  Bonnie can see what slots have been filled and what is still open, and you can see who is signed up for the slots too.  There is no registration to use this system, just enter your email.  You will get an email reminder as well.

Here's how it works in 3 easy steps: 
1. Click this link to go to our invitation page on 
2. Enter your email address: (You will NOT need to register an account on and they will NOT share your information) 
3. Sign up! Choose your spots - will send you an automated confirmation and reminders. Easy! 

Thank you for making this an easy, enjoyable week for our residents!

Potluck and Movie

war room.jpg

Next Friday, November 9, let’s kick off our Advent activities with a potluck supper and a film. Bring a dish to share at 6:00 pm in the Lighthouse. After we eat, we’ll watch “War Room,” an exciting, inspirational film on learning to fight life’s battles on our knees. Appropriate for all ages.