We take our outreach seriously.  Whether it's locally or globally, we give our all to help others.


LOcal outreach:

Family promise of beaverton

Once a quarter, we host houseless families in our Lighthouse building for a week.  We provide shelter and two meals a day to those struggling to regain their economic footing.  We love to interact with the children and the parents, playing board games, watching videos, or just sharing our lives.  For more information on Family Promise, visit https://www.familypromiseofbeaverton.org/

Migrant camp

Our mission is to be the hands and feet of Jesus, showing kindness and support.  We provide a hot meal and other groceries every week to the dozen or so migrant workers who spend the summer at Heike's Berry Farm.  We also collect clothing and personal hygiene items for them: mostly men, but some women and children.  This has been a continuing ministry of Westside Journey for decades.

Homeless youth

Beaverton has a large population of homeless teens. We support HomePlate Youth Services and the Beaver’s Den, a group within Beaverton High School, financially and by donating food and other necessities. You can learn more at homeplateyouth.org and beaverton-hs.net/beaver-den/index.html.

Western farm workers association

An all-volunteer, independent, unincorporated membership of low-income farm and seasonal workers.  Members can access free of charge self-help benefit programs – built by members for members – which offers emergency food, clothing, preventive medical care, legal advice and more.  This benefit program is supported entirely by WFWA allies throughout the community. 

free food ministries

Ministering to any and all, this grassroots ministry receives and distributes free food at 11735 SW Gaarde St in Tigard with an all-volunteer crew.  Follow them on their Facebook page at  https://www.facebook.com/freefoodministriesOregon/

Global Outreach:

Dominican Republic

Ten of us traveled to the Dominican Republic in August 2018 to help build classrooms.  We took 1000 pounds of sports equipment and medicines with us, to be given to the children there.  It was a life-changing experience.  See the photo gallery here.

In July, 2019, we returned with eleven Westsiders!  Watch for photos and more details.



We support Tim and Margarite in Paraguay through our prayers and donations.  Margarita is a learning disability specialist. Tim is a teacher. They engage urban Ava Guarani and Mbya Guarani communities through educational activities. Additionally, they serve in local churches and help local leaders coordinate outreach and discipleship in neighborhoods, rural areas, prisons, and schools

Their mission is "Transformation through education among underserved and unreached communities in the Heart of South America."  Visit their blog at http://tmrevett.blogspot.com/ for more.