Family Promise Reviews and Sign-ups

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We have another opportunity to host Family Promise coming up in June.  So let's get together and brainstorm our last session -- what went well, what could be improved.  Come to either one of these sessions -- Tuesday, May 22 or Wednesday, May 23 -- at 7:00pm in the Family Room.

Sign-ups have begun for the week of June 10 - 16.  Go to to get your name in before your favorite slot is filled!

"Pentecost - Holy Spirit Come!"



What was this like that first day when the Holy Spirit came?  Others thought they looked drunk with joy! They saw tongues of fire appear over each of them. They heard wild sounds and then heard coming from each of their mouths what sounded like other languages.  The Day of Pentecost. We treat it as if it was somehow very tame, respectable, proper. Yet it was anything but. The Holy Spirit came upon these first followers-- some 120 of them in that upper room -- and all heaven broke loose and with that heaven came 3000 converts that first day.  Not an ordinary Sunday by any stretch of the imagination. And perhaps we need to stretch our imaginations a bit more to engage with who the Holy Spirit is as He/She moves, changes, challenges, shifts our thinking and impacts our lives. Let’s engage with this Holy One. Let’s be a people who receive fully the Spirit and are changed and transformed because of that encounter.  Even if we look drunk! May the Joy of the Holy Spirit become ours.



SATURDAY, JUNE 16TH, 2018, 8:00 AM



We are joining with Christ UMC to build all the frame walls for an entire Habitat for Humanity House in one day. Organized into teams of 8-10, we’ll hammer together 40-50 frame walls in just a couple of hours, which will be transported to a local foundation for Habitat for Humanity.

All ages and skill levels welcome! All the wood will be precut, so if you can swing a hammer or hold a 2×4 in place, we need you! We even provide the hammer and nails. Children are welcome to work with their families. Nursery care will also be available during the event.

There’s a job for everyone. “Crew Members” will build on Saturday, but we’ll also need volunteers to cut wood on Friday the 15th, help serve breakfast, and oversee a first aid station.

Don’t miss out on this incredible day!

Go to to register for our event. And go to for more info, stories, and videos of this incredible project!

Migrant Ministry

The migrant workers are returning to Heikes Farm.  As we have for decades, we will be supporting them this summer with hot meals on Saturday evenings and basic items for their daily living.  If you'd like to help with the meals, please contact Bonnie Becker.  If you can bring items, immediate needs for the 15-20 workers include:

  • toiletries - toilet paper, soap, shampoo, toothbrushes and toothpaste, deodorant, razors
  • clothing - jeans, t-shirts, etc., especially for men
  • dish soap, laundry detergent
  • towels and bedding (any size)

Please bring items as soon as possible.  Meals will continue throughout July. Thank you for your assistance!

30th Anniversary Dinner Celebration

ALL are cordially invited to join the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Western Farm Workers Association. On Saturday, June 9, from 6 - 8pm, you will be treated to a traditional Mexican dinner and performances by an Aztec dance group and Mariachi band.  This exciting event, open to ALL, will be held at Hillsboro UMC.  There is no cost but you must RSVP by May 27 at  If you need more information, please contact Merry Goldthorpe or the church office.

Join the Journey, 5.13.18


Question: Remember a moment, name it, when someone stopped to care for you.


  1. People that helped me after surgery 5.11.17
  2. Joe stopped to hug, listen and encourage me when I was having a bad day.
  3. When I had knee surgery and a friend came and stayed with me.
  4. Telly today.  But this week Antonia, 5, stopped and offered mercy and grace after I fell.
  5. Numerous Westside members helped us with our wedding on 5.6!  We are so grateful!
  6. In huge difficult times my mother will stop and drop everything to come and care for me.
  7. My mom.  All the time.  Especially when I was sick.  We laughed, we cried, she never left my side.
  8. When I broke my arm and my boys took care of me.

Camino 5: Love the Person Before You

What a mom does is love, love well. We have a mom here for whom all her efforts and love were met with a sorrowful ending, the death of her only son.  Imagine the devastating fear and heartbreak for her. The longing for her. And the despair as she followed his open coffin out of the city, thinking about the fact she now had no home, no protection, no way out of debt or to earn income.  All hope had died with her son. This level of despair only a mom can identify well. But Jesus knows the key to healing and hope, and met her along the way. He was not going to Nain for this purpose, no, was heading elsewhere, but seeing the funeral, stopped and changed the atmosphere, changed the dirge into a song of celebration by his arrival and his words and  actions: ‘Don’t weep!’ ‘Young man, I say to you, arise.’ Jesus showed something simple here: be available to love the person placed in front of you. That is it on the simplest level. What we might learn about the character of God from his action, and what we might learn about the nearsightedness of our own dim ways, that is another matter. We will begin with a discussion of the passage and expand out into a message about the way we are asked to love those God places in our lives, how I was loved by others, and how I found God allowing me to love.

News from the Revetts

Greetings from Paraguay!


Our educational work with urban First Nations communities has significantly developed since our last update.  Please learn more by visiting  Also, we'd love to hear about what you've been up to when you have a moment (,

If you're interested in seeing a music video that was partially filmed in the Mbya community mentioned in our update and that features some of the youth we work with (look for "Benjamin" with the camouflage, Seattle t-shirt), visit

Happy Mothers' Day!


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