God's Plan and My Role

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This week we have moved 2nd worship time to Christ UMC beginning there at 10:15 am. Morning Watch will still take place at Westside at 8:15.  

We are looking at the first half of the third chapter of Paul’s letter. We are in the “Sit down in what Jesus has done” section of this letter.  Paul wants everyone to really relax in Jesus, sit down, put up your feet, rest. Settle into what has been offered. Too often we are so busy trying to “do stuff for God” we forget that this whole thing began with all God has done for us. And that’s about a change in identity, a change in address, a change in meaning.  So, come, sit down, enter in, rest a while and look at the magnificent economy of God offered for your sake and mine. Let’s worship.

Live Auction Items

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Here's the current list of items that will be in the Live Auction on Saturday, July 21, beginning at 7:15 pm:

#1 Embassy Suites: One-night stay at The Ocean Lodge in Cannon Beach, expires 5.31.2019, Value: $150

#2 Tea Party in the Lighthouse, September 15th, includes traditional finger foods, Value: $25

#3 Fleece Blanket Making Workshop, early October, cuddly personalized blanket & yummy snacks, Value: $30

#4 Shoe signed by Portland Trailblazer CJ McCollum from the 2017-18 season, Value: $100

#5 Haystack Rock Beach painting, 11x14 acrylic on gesso board, by Brian Shimer, Value: $350

#6 7th Heaven Quartet 30-minute performance featuring Chris Gabel, at a time and place TBD, Value: $200

#7  Nike Employee Store Pass, all items 40% off retail, good for one family/one visit, expires 6.27.19, Value: ??

#8  Five Course Dinner & Wine pairing by Sandy Holt. PNW seasonal cuisine, September 9 at Legends, 1132 SW 19th Ave.  Supports TEAM Missionaries, Value: $50

#9  Card Making Workshop with Cindy Loayza, date TBD, all supplies included, up to 10 people, Value: $25

#10  Timbers Soccer Game, 2 tickets, date TBA, Value TBA

#11  Weekend (3nts) at Sunriver Home: 4 bedrooms, pool passes, loaner bikes, date TBD w/ owner, Value: $900

Items are subject to change.  More information available at the auction.  See you there!

Enter This Peace

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You once were lost, outside, rejected, hopeless, but you are no longer. Where you once lived, you’ve now moved. Where you once were at war, you’ve found peace.  This new humanity begun by Jesus is entered into; it is offered as a real experience. It is something God has built, an identity based not upon what you can do or have done, but based only upon who God is.  So come -- enter peace, enter Christ. Find what has been missing. Encounter the hope anew and find yourself built into something real, long lasting.

We are at the lake this Sunday -- come to Hagg Lake.  Experience the splendor of creation, the joy of outdoor worship and the fun of this time together.  Come to the lake. Bring a potluck dish to share for lunch and experience hope and peace together.

Family Promise News


One of the new families, Tammy, Michael, Michael Jr. (12 yrs old) will be graduating! The family gets the keys to their new apartment on Saturday!  There will be needs for all types of household goods.  If you have things you are willing to donate, please let Bonnie know. 

Jen and Patrick are expecting a baby girl Sept. 4.  Of course, baby items will be needed, including diapers.  If anyone is called to donate to them, contact Bonnie.

Here is a current list of needs for families.  If anyone has any of these items to donate, please let Bonnie know, or take them directly to the Day Center at Sunset Presbyterian.

Maternity Shirt sz: XXL, Pants sz: 18, Shorts sz: 18

Women's Shoes: Slides sz 8 ½ or 9

Men's Tennis Shoes Size 10 or 10 ½

Mens Shirts sz: XL

Mens Shorts sz: 34x32

Mens Shirts sz: M

(2) Shorts (Athletics) sz: M

(1)Women’s Tank Top sz: M

(1) Women’s Shorts/Capris sz: 7/8

Women’s Sandals sz: 9

Mens Tennis Shoes sz: 8 ½

Women's underwear size 9/10


Thank you to all for your support of Family Promise!


Important News About This Sunday, July 15!

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Morning Watch / Hagg Lake / Potluck

There will be an 8:15 Morning Watch service at Westside, led by Pastor Brian.

There won't be a 10:00 service at Westside.

There will be an 11:00 service at Hagg Lake, at the Sain Creek Pavilion.  And it will be a joyful, beautiful experience.  We hope you will join us.  After the service, we will feast together; please bring a dish to share.



It's a Big Weekend!


Gather Together



This weekend, we have two exciting events!

July 14, we will celebrate the grand opening of our Lighthouse with our neighbors.  There will be plenty of food - ribs, hamburgers, hot dogs and lots more! - fun for the kids, and an opportunity to meet and greet our neighbors.

July 15 is our annual worship service at Hagg Lake.  Beginning at 11:00 am, we will have lots of singing, lots of joy, and the chance to remember our baptism!  There will be a potluck following, at the lake.  

Lighthouse Celebration this Saturday!


Ribs, hamburgers, hot dogs, baked beans, coleslaw, salad...All we need now is YOU!  Come this Saturday, July 14, from 11:00 am - 2:00 pm, and share the joy of our new building with each other and with our neighbors.  If you would like to contribute, you may bring chips or pre-packaged desserts (sorry, no homemade items -- bring *them* to Hagg Lake on Sunday!)  You may also contribute monetarily to the party expenses.  See you on Saturday!

Join the Journey, 7.8.18

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Question:  In a sentence what does grace mean to you?


  1. Forgiveness
  2. Acceptance without second guessing
  3. Anything is possible
  4. Blanket of protection, love, attention, and acknowledgement of my being a follower
  5. I am always puzzled by its meaning
  6. Unconditional acceptance of who I am
  7. God loves us, no matter what we may have done
  8. Humble expectations
  9. God's gift to us that is unmerited and undeserved
  10. The ability to see past the faults of others and see the truth of the heart with Jesus' help
  11. That God gives me his grace to walk this journey without my husband

Divine Dips

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We need 8-10 volunteers to work the Dairymaid ice cream booth at the Washington County Fair.  Our shift is Sunday, July 29, from 5:00 - 9:30 pm.  As in years past, Westside will receive 15% of the profit and all our tips! We usually raise around $800.  Please contact Sandy Holt if you can help.

Join the Journey, 7.1.18

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Question: How have you encountered the love God has for you?


  1. Through playing with my grandson.
  2. The love and support from my sister Jan.
  3. Through the love of my daughter.
  4. Strength and serenity in times of adversity.
  5. In nature; through the love of my husband; through journaling.
  6. I thank God for taking care of us and placing us in a good home.

Saved by Grace: Rest in it


When Paul went to Ephesus it was a time of great revival and transformation. People repented en masse.  The bonfire that burned belongings was purported to amount to 50,000 days wages. Miracles happened among them. Demons were ousted. Life came into that place. Here in the 2nd chapter Paul describes the “before and after” picture of their lives.  Here’s what your lives looked like before, and here’s what they look like “after.”  In that is the work of Grace.  How have you experienced God’s before and after in your life?  What used to bind you, deal death to you, trip you up that no longer does? Jesus deals a real deal unlike any other. Today we will hear this in a remarkable testimony.  Come worship! 

What was Lost is Now Found

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I was standing in line, freezing, outside of the kiosk at Bridgeport Mall to order something for dinner. I had been stuck three hours at the Apple Store, and while my computer rested in the warm building, I was standing, shivering in line behind this guy ordering lots of burritos.  While we waited we chatted, teeth chattering, and discovered we were both clergy, and that I knew and had worked with his predecessor at MacLaren Youth Authority. Chaplain Sean Page is a delightful, vibrant light at MacLaren, and a joy to meet. Therefore, I’ve wanted you all to meet him too. He is coming to share about his work and about the fact that there are many kids who have lost their ways and need the chance to meet the Father. God had already been working in my heart about volunteering at a prison, but had not found a way.  Then Sean was in front of me, and God opened this really BIG DOOR. Meeting the youth there in MacLaren has been so impactful. God has worked in my heart and given opportunities for His Word to impact their lives. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet Sean and hear God speak through Him.