Our friends at the Apostolic Assembly will be making and selling tamales on October 6. Two flavors are available: chicken and cheese with jalapeno. They cost $15 per dozen. You must order in advance by emailing bmw.chavez@gmail.com or texting 971.207.1743. Remember to send your name, flavor and quantity. Yum!

Join the Journey, 9.16.18

Question: How has speaking God’s Word aloud been a defense in your life?


  1. It prevents Satan from separating me from the truth.

  2. Because I am a human thermometer that remains in a serene set emotional state, kind sincere - able to reach out and be steady to shine God’s truth and light.

  3. It changed the atmosphere I was in from gloomy and dark to peaceful, and assurance that he was and is with me.

  4. No one can argue with scripture. It is perfect.

Sneak Peek for this Sunday


Proverbs 6:17-19 lists 7 things the Lord hates:  “Haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked schemes, feet that are quick to rush into evil, a false witness who pours out lies and a person who stirs up conflict in the community.” Did you notice? This is a list that separates the persons from their behaviors.  God loves people. Instead, like last week with a person on the phone intent on holding assumptions against another person because of the many labels she held against her (judgmental, etc), we tend to label others, thus sitting in judgment upon others, thus dehumanizing others, making people the problem. God’s call? To wake up to the fact there is a spiritual realm and we are in it.  To address our own inabilities to change others, and work to change ourselves, which begins what we are wearing. To begin to take the one action God has called us to take. Yes, ONE! Come discuss what THAT is and begin to walk in this life as God intended and do so by actually STANDING. Don’t miss this!

Simply the Story: Register Today!

STS logo.jpg

If you’ve been thinking about registering for the workshop October 2 - 7, don’t delay. If we don’t reach the minimum number of attendees by this weekend, we will be forced to cancel the event. Registration may be made online at signups.wumc.me, or by contacting the church office at 503.643.8070, Tuesday or Friday, 9:00 am - 3:00 pm.

Simply the Story will strengthen your witness by giving you confidence in your ability to tell not only Bible stories, but your spiritual story, in an engaging and natural manner. The registration fee of $125 includes 50+ hours of training, a handbook, meals and snacks.

“This is a lifetime way of knowing God.” — Workshop Attendee

Join the Journey, 9.9.18

Join the Journey 3.jpg

Question: When have your stood your ground in a spiritual way in a real situation and seen God work?


  1. I stood my ground with my faith to follow Christ through the falling apart of my marriage.

  2. By encouraging friends to attend church service.

  3. During the breakdown of my marriage and my return to the church.

  4. Prayer for protection for my husband in a mental health crisis.

Sneak Peek for this Sunday

sneak peek.jpg

Sit. Walk. Stand.  Three words that summarize the book written by Paul to the Christians living in the large metropolitan community with some 250,000 people called Ephesus. He wanted these believers to realize that Jesus had a higher and more powerful name than any of those powers who were named by the people.  Jesus had a Name and had an authority against which nothing could prevail. He could stand. On 26th of August in worship something happened. One of the opening songs declaring Jesus as the Lion and Lamb took hold, and the Lord moved upon the people, and they shouted, worshiped, and uplifted the sovereign beauty of Jesus.  As this happened there was this sense of God’s presence I experienced as authority. At that moment, nothing and noone was greater and to the core of my being I knew this. That moment, that was what it was like to stand in authority. In that place there’s nothing that can sway you. Paul invited the people into this place. “Who can stop the Lord Almighty?” asked that song on that Sunday and the answer is “No one.”  Indeed. Come worship this One who calls us to stand in authority!

Laity Summit

laity summit.JPG

September 22, 2018
10:00 am to 3:00 pm

Lake Oswego UM

Lunch will be provided!

As a district, we are committed to exploring new ways of connecting with each other because we know that together we can...
- explore bold new ways of being church in our communities
- make bold changes in the way we move as a people
- come together in conversations that deepen the relationships across congregations and neighborhoods

What to Expect:
- spiritual reflection
- sharing stories
- one-to-one conversation
- listening & reflecting
- defining next steps

We look forward to seeing you! Please register now!



"The world feels high lonesome and heartbroken to me right now.  We've sorted ourselves into factions based on politics and ideology.  We've turned away from one another and toward blame and rage.  We're lonely and untethered.  And scared."  --Brene Brown

Money, influence, impact, growth, and consumption are all contributing factors to culture as we know it.  But is this really what makes us successful?  Is this all there is?  We don't think about our lives apart from material possessions, but we are spiritual beings, meant for depth, insight, and integrity.

There's another way of life.  Its perspective is eternal built on values that are human with qualities that are spiritual and timeless.  Its only law is love, and the leader demonstrated its validity by giving up His own life to ensure our freedom.

Find out what Jesus is all about.  He was the original counterculture.  in the midst of a broken and hurting world, His life gives life.  If you want to experience what He's all about, visit www.MyNewCulture.com.

"There is something great about your life, and God wants you to see it."  --Chris Overstreet

Grief Recovery Weekend


Are you, or is someone you love, grieving the end of a marriage from a death, divorce or permanent separation?  A Beginning Experience Weekend can help with the healing from such a loss.  The next opportunity to attend one will be the weekend of October  12-14, 2018, in Milwaukie, near Clackamas Town Center.  

The retreat consists of presentations by Beginning Experience team members, periods for private personal reflection, and sharing in small groups. The weekend begins on Friday evening and concludes Sunday afternoon. The cost of $195 includes lodging for 2 nights in a double room, meals and resource materials. Special arrangements may be made for payment, and partial scholarships are available. Single rooms are available for an additional $20.

Please contact Karen: 971-404-6512 or karenmelvin@comcast.net. More information may be found on the website www.beginningexperience.org  


With the help of the founders of Marriage Encounter, Beginning Experience was created by Sister Josephine Stewart and others, in 1974. The Oregon team, active since 1978, provides 3 healing Weekends each year.  It is a peer ministry of people who have benefitted from this program and have received training to offer the opportunity to others.  It is included in the list of approved ministries of the U. S. Council of Catholic Bishops

Sneak Peek for this Sunday


If you were writing an important piece of literature that would be read by the elite of society in the highest echelons, and knew that women were devalued in the culture (treated as objects, property), children considered disposable by others and slaves viewed as inferiors, how would you write?  Would you choose your words carefully, diplomatically? Would you address first those who believed they ought to be addressed and gently challenge their societal beliefs? How might you write this challenge to the ways and times of life around you? When writing to those who had bowed their necks to Jesus in Ephesus, Paul was writing into a such a culture.  And yet, when writing about how these believers could actually live out their lives, decided, boldly to address what his readers would view as the lowest, the least, the silenced in their society first. Paul put women, children and slaves first in his epistle. Today we can read past this, ignoring his boldness, but then? Boldly Paul said women, children and slaves had voices, had the ability to choose, were equally valuable, equally worthy in this new Kingdom. Their lives mattered.  They made a difference. All bore allegiance to Jesus. Get a drift of that! Come to worship!

Lunch Bunch on Monday

lunch bunch 2.jpg

Sure, it's Labor Day, but you've gotta eat lunch! 

If you're in town, drop by at 11:30 on Monday, September 4.  If you happen to have some delicious dish to share, all the better. 

And it's okay if you've got twigs in your hair from gardening all morning.  We grow as a church community by spending time together.  So let's share lunch.

March for Family Promise

FP bed race.jpg

Coming this Saturday!!

Support Family Promise by marching in the Beaverton Parade on Saturday, September 8.  

The Family Promise theme is to publicize their annual "Bed Race" fundraiser event and their gratefulness to volunteers, donors, sponsors and the City of Beaverton. 

Westsiders are invited to walk alongside the Family Promise "bed" float, wearing pajamas, robes, bunny slippers, etc.  The more, the merrier!  And the more we show our support of Family Promise to the Beaverton community.  

If you love a parade (and who doesn't?), contact Bonnie Becker to get all the details.

Online Directory


The directory is now available to those who attend Westside.  To protect everyone's privacy, you must have this link.  It's also available in the church emails every Tuesday and Friday. 

The directory is a pdf file, so you may print a color copy at home (about 14 pages).  Black and white booklet directories will be available soon if you're unable to print a copy.

If you need to make corrections, add or change a photo, or be added to the email distribution list, please contact the church office at office@westsidejourney.org.