Gifts and Talents Workshop Coming Soon!

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"When I first led the Gifts and Talents Workshop while working with another congregation, I was skeptical.  I mean, this seemed like a backdoor to spiritual gifts.  But as I walked through the course, the exercises, and challenged others to do so as well, what I saw happening was the birthing of deeper relationships between participants and then in the end, I watched as God began to move among them.  More than a 'gift inventory,' this course is a workshop in getting to know yourself through the eyes of others and in that 'knowing' discovering gifts hidden within which you might never have seen before.  It is a remarkable course.  Sign up."  Pastor Brian

The Gifts and Talents Workshop is coming next week to Westside! If you still need to register, forms are available in the church lobby and here. You may also register online at

On two consecutive weekends, you will discover the spiritual gifts that were bestowed upon you by the Holy Spirit, and find out which outreach/ministry/passion best suits your talents. Your time and energy will be so much more fruitful if spent where the Holy Spirit leads.

The cost is only $25 which includes all materials, snacks and two meals. You are strongly encouraged to attend all sessions, for your success and the success of others in your group. The sessions are:

Feb 1             Friday           7:00 - 9:00 pm

Feb 2             Saturday       9:00 am - 3:30 pm (includes lunch)

Feb 8             Friday           7:00 - 9:00 pm

Feb 9           Saturday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm (includes lunch)

On the Journey, 1.20.19

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Question: How has God spoken to you through scripture?


  1. He has developed a language to communicate through journaling, giving me peace and knowledge.

  2. There is a feeling of completeness I live with when I read routinely.

  3. Memorizing verses helps me to remember that God is real! Next step: memorize more scripture.

  4. Psalm 23.

  5. He has chosen a scripture to point out a certain issue or happening in my life. I am not unique, we are all his children.

  6. Given me encouragement, hope, healing, direction.

Church Calendar


Planning an event at the church? Remember that you can check the calendar on our website at By clicking on an event, you can see the start and end times and the location.

One word of caution: the Apostolic Ministries are not on our online calendar. They have two standing reservations for the main building, Sunday and Friday evenings.

Please contact the church office at if you would like to reserve space.

Columbia District Laity Event

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Saturday, February 2, 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Oak Grove UMC, 14700 SE Rupert Dr, Oak Grove

A new movement is emerging out of the dreams of the laity and you can be there at the Launch Party!  New relationships are forming, community is being created across congregations, a new vision is taking shape.

Come share your voice, your thoughts, your passion and Lead the Way!  Lunch and snacks will be provided, as well as childcare for children ages 5 and under.

For more info, and to register, visit


Join the Journey, 1.13.19

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Question: When have you said “Yes” to God’s request upon your life?


  1. Extending my time and home to a neighbor - and I’ve been very blessed by her

  2. Weekly church service

  3. When He asked me to forgive people who I did not think deserved or even wanted my forgiveness - letting go allowed me to heal and let go

  4. I have released all worry one day at a time

  5. When I volunteer to serve others

  6. To trust in him and not worry

  7. Tuesday morning as we Hit the Street

Sneak Peek for this Sunday


Luke 4: 1-30 and Luke 5:1-11:

The whole section from McLaren dealt with Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness, His entrance into ministry, His preaching in Nazareth and then his message beside the sea sitting in Peter’s boat.  What followed this sermon, was Jesus’ request to Peter to push off into the deeper water let down your net. Peter objected, simply saying, that he and his partners had been fishing all night, but Peter simply did what Jesus asked instead of refusing.  Peter said, “because you say so,” and let down the net.

To let down those nets meant going against everything Peter knew about fish and fishing.  Everyone would have told him to let down his nets in the morning, or midday was foolhardy.  No fish would be there at that point in the day. Peter could have leaned into his years of experience on the Sea of Galilee and explained to Jesus why this was a bad idea.  But Peter chose beyond saying, “Master we have been fishing all night,” doesn’t raise an objection. He just says, “because you say so,” and let’s down his net.

What followed shocked the sandals off Peter.  That net filled with fish, indeed, filled and began to tear.  Pete called to his partners and their nets and boat too was filled with flopping fish at which sight Peter fell before Jesus and said an interesting thing, “Depart from me Master, for I am a sinful man…”

Why this statement?  What might we learn about the impact Jesus’ miracle had had upon Peter to cause Peter to recognize his own sinfulness?  

At noon under a blazing sun, even the shadows are lighter.  Everything stands out in bold relief. And in the blazing light of this unnecessary, extravagant, miraculous gift into Peter’s life and that of his partners -- a bounty, a boon, a bonus -- Peter saw himself clearly.  He didn’t deserve this. He couldn’t earn it. He would never be able to repay it. It was grace, unmerited, and impossible to comprehend, and in comparison, Peter knew himself well enough to know, he could never measure up.  No wonder he fell on his face asking Jesus to depart. His only understanding of God was that he needed to do something to earn this, and couldn’t.

Jesus doesn’t respond as we might expect.  He doesn’t say, “Stop groveling!” He doesn’t reprimand Peter.  He gets the real issue here, and says, “Don’t be afraid. From now on you will be catching men.”  And upon reaching shore, they all abandoned their boats, the amazing catch, and their gear and follow Jesus.  

They went from experts to apprentices of this radical, unusual, amazing Rabbi.  They followed in order to become like Him. That was the whole idea, to become like the Rabbi, to do what the Rabbi did. As apprentices we too have the same goal, and as the Spirit works within us as we practice following Jesus, He will achieve this goal in us as well.  

Come on!  Join the adventure!  Follow the Savior into church -- let’s worship!

Time change for Gifts and Talents Workshop

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Please note the new time for the second Saturday of the workshop:

Feb 1             Friday           7:00 - 9:00 pm

Feb 2             Saturday       9:00 am - 3:30 pm (includes lunch)

Feb 8             Friday           7:00 - 9:00 pm

Feb 9           Saturday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm (includes lunch)

Registration forms are available in the lobby and here. You may also register online at

For more information on the workshop, please visit the original post.

Join the Journey, 1.6.19

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Question: In agreement with your baptism, what needs to change or turnaround in your life today?


  1. Be renewed every day by his blood; surrendering all to him. In our weakness finding strength.

  2. That I would put aside my own agenda to follow Jesus’ plan for me instead.

  3. Self care.

  4. I need to learn to be content in my life. I’m always on the go, looking for the next adventure. Need to just be loved.

  5. Watch less TV and movies.

  6. Giving of self for others.

  7. Expand Free Food Ministries.

Sneak Peek for this Sunday


When Jesus was baptized by John showing us a way to change direction, to enter this new life, God spoke over him with an adoration we have since been quoting: “This is my beloved Son; You bring me great joy.” John felt unworthy to baptize Jesus, knowing that he, John, needed to be baptized by Jesus. But Jesus encouraged John to allow this to fulfill all righteousness. That Jesus as a new beginning for humanity would be baptized, illustrated our own need for the same immersion into His Way. For John the Baptist that Way which he had preached to the crowds involved a life change -- indeed, they asked John’s advice on how to live. For us, baptized into the Way of Jesus this baptism marks a continuation in a new life direction. So: how does your life today demonstrate a different kind of living to last year or last 10 years? Where is a turnaround yet needed in some area of your life? This year: take it.

Sneak Peek for this Sunday


Brian McLaren wrote: “We must keep Herod in Christmas for we believe in a God who feels the pain of every mother weeping for a lost son or daughter, a God who is suffering alongside every child hurting because of the greedy, power-hungry and insecure elites; and a God who feels the pain and comes near to bring comfort to people everywhere to hear their weeping.  Herod emulated the horrible behavior of Pharaoh centuries before in the days of Moses. The story of Herod tells us once again that the world can’t be simply divided between the good guys - us - and the bad guys - them- because like Herod, members of us will behave no differently from them, given the power and provocation. So all people face the same profound questions -- how will we manage power?  How will be deal with violence?” And we might add, “How will we stay aware of our privileged status?”

I love McLaren’s reminder of how God feels pain with us.  And, remembering how we might mirror the wickedness of this man in our stances, our beliefs, and our choices is crucial especially as we look toward entering a new year.  This is the last Sunday of the year. Join us as we look toward all God might be speaking to us as we move from 2018 and how God might be leading us into this new season.

Leaders Needed

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We’re looking for small group leaders for our workshop to be held the first two weekends of February.

All sessions are planned for you. The leader’s primary function is to facilitate, model, and moderate discussions among the group members.

If this sounds like one of your talents, please contact Pastor Brian for more info.

Homeless Numbers


Every year a crew of dedicated volunteers sign up for shifts to help us get a count of those experiencing homelessness in Washington County. The Point in Time (PIT) count is so vital because the snapshot of information that the PIT provides is used to inform housing policy decisions and funding commitments and to evaluate the effectiveness of current programs aimed at ending homelessness!

As you can imagine, the Point in Time is a big undertaking and requires a TON of volunteer support. 

If you would like to help, you need to attend a brief training session and sign up for a slot. There are four training sessions across WA county, to be held between January 8 and 16. The 3-hour volunteer slots are on January 23, 28 and 29.

Sign up here for both your training date and your volunteer slot(s): . Thank you!

Join the Journey, 12.23.18

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Question: Where do you most need to breathe or be still today?


  1. At work!

  2. When I am finishing my grocery shopping for our Christmas meal.

  3. House full of boys… I pray to be able to enjoy them and not get overwhelmed with their energy and multi personalities. Such a blessing to have this time with them.

  4. Try to relax and let God heal my body of this illness.

  5. Finish Christmas projects and wrapping.

  6. Through the pain and tired and worry

  7. Enjoying the little moments!

  8. I need to be still and not try to fix every little detail and rescue or cover for others.

  9. At home.

Sneak Peek for this Sunday


Tired of the rush, the press, the pressure, the rat race? Tired of the emotional whirlwind?  Wish you had a chance to just be still? Well, here’s your opportunity. As we have been looking at the characters of Advent, the characters who had been living this story for months and years before it occurred, as we have been looking at them as real people, with real faith, in real time, we come to a need to just be still.  We come to a full stop on this Sunday. In the morning, rather than loud trumpets, there will be peace, an opportunity to sense the presence, to feel the wonder, to just reflect upon one passage of Scripture and simply “Be Still.” We will sing, hear the Word, share in quiet, and be present to Jesus with one another on this last Sunday of Advent. Come. Be Still.