Sneak Peek for this Sunday


When Jesus was baptized by John showing us a way to change direction, to enter this new life, God spoke over him with an adoration we have since been quoting: “This is my beloved Son; You bring me great joy.” John felt unworthy to baptize Jesus, knowing that he, John, needed to be baptized by Jesus. But Jesus encouraged John to allow this to fulfill all righteousness. That Jesus as a new beginning for humanity would be baptized, illustrated our own need for the same immersion into His Way. For John the Baptist that Way which he had preached to the crowds involved a life change -- indeed, they asked John’s advice on how to live. For us, baptized into the Way of Jesus this baptism marks a continuation in a new life direction. So: how does your life today demonstrate a different kind of living to last year or last 10 years? Where is a turnaround yet needed in some area of your life? This year: take it.