Join the Journey, 5.5.19

Join the Journey 5.png

Question: who or what has helped you most to grow closer to Jesus?


  1. This church.

  2. Maturity.

  3. My dear friends Debbie, Kari, Jan.

  4. Prayer time.

  5. Walk to Emmaus.

  6. WUMC! The love and support and knowledge that I’ve received has changed everything!

  7. Bible Basics. Reading the bible.

  8. Brain surgery and Emmaus.

  9. The words and wisdom of the many pastors I’ve had the opportunity to know throughout my life.

  10. Journaling.

  11. Second commandment: “Love my neighbor as myself.” Start, love by praying, first for self then for others. This is a way to love others and obey God (and is evidence of loving God.) By praying for others, I love them.