Share The Meal

yemen child.jpg

What a difference an app can make!

Sharethemeal allows you to donate to feed children in Yemen, Syria, Uganda, and many other countries simply by tapping. A mere 50 cents feeds a child for a day. You can also choose to feed a child for a week, a month, or more. Monthly donations may also be set up.

How about donating 50 cents every time you eat out? Or every visit to the grocery store? You can form teams to encourage your friends to contribute as well. Such a small amount to us can make a huge difference to a hungry child.

An initiative of the United Nations World Food Programme, the app has already raised funds for over 29 million meals. Visit or your phone’s app store for more information.

Our thanks to Benjamin Roberts, the nephew of Sally and Dave Sullivan, who visited Westside in November and shared this opportunity with us!