HomePlate Update

homeplate square.jpg

Bonnie Becker and Pastor Brian met with HomePlate Youth Services on December 5th regarding Westside providing a future Wednesday night drop-in site.  

The organization is still surveying the youth to see what they would like and where.  

Currently our space is not an ideal location for the HomePlate drop-in.  There are so many kids in the Aloha High School area that having something closer is preferable.  However, we do have you all who have interest and investment in doing something. They are so thrilled with your energy and interest so stay tuned! 

The next meeting will happen in mid-January to look at the Wednesday night gathering site needs.  If you are interested in being on that team contact Bonnie Becker.  That night we will also discuss another agenda item of where HomePlate might move its main office as the current location is getting too small.  

They are searching for space near the MAX line with shower and laundry facilities, kitchen, hang out area, etc.  The space needs to accommodate 60+. 

We talked about offering another drop-in at Westside for any interested youth some Wednesday between now and the next visioning meeting.  HomePlate might take us up on that.  

Pray for vision for a new location for the main office!  Pray for vision for Wednesday night for the youth.