Join the Journey, 11.25.18


Question: What dream or prayer would you like to infuse with faith?


  1. World peace and the end of hunger and poverty.

  2. Peace and healing in the lives of our children and a commitment to follow Christ in a deeper and fulfilling walk.

  3. The plans and vision God has for me.

  4. That my daughter, Devon, and Alex will come to know how wonderful Wayne is and that their relationship with him does not diminish their relationship with Mel, Devon’s late father.

  5. All of them! That I would have expectation that they will be answered and fulfilled.

  6. That I would continue to grow in the Lord and He would bless me with an unconditional love.

  7. My son, Sawyer, finding his passion and using it to have a happy, fulfilling life.

  8. World peace.