Sneak Peek for this Sunday


Remember -- 2nd Service this Sunday is happening at CHRIST UMC, 12755 NW Dogwood St in Portland, at 10:30 am.  There will be no 10:00 am service at Westside.  We are meeting at Christ UMC as the joint worship opportunity after the Help Build Hope day on Saturday June 15th.  

We will have the 8:15 service at our building so if you cannot make second service, come to first service.  Come worship. Come connect with God in community. We need these times of connection. They are good for our hearts and provide necessary nourishment for our souls as we walk this walk of faith.

And it is just that walk that we are looking at this Sunday, both Father’s Day and Trinity Sunday.  For Jesus invited us all to “follow.” This entails movement. Sometimes we are tempted to stop moving, stop walking, and just stand, point and be critical of others.  But that is not the movement into which Jesus has called us. We are to stir up the flame within us, be filled by the Spirit and walk. Specifically in Colossians 3, Paul has very specific instructions for the believers in that city, and for us, on how to keep walking.  Using powerful word pictures Paul tells it like it is. If you cannot make the 10:30 service at Christ UMC, come to Westside at 8:15 as we look at this incredible passage and “walk” together.

Walk. Be filled. Move. Keep in step. Stir up the fire. Take action with Jesus.