Ephesians: The Prayer - Rest In It!

The words Paul employs in prayer for the people in Ephesus are powerful. They are dynamic. There is a sense that he knows exactly what needed to be written for them to hear what they too could pray for themselves.  We are learning to sit, to “rest” in what God has provided for us -- that we are chosen, adopted, born into God’s family, redeemed, saved, and seated with Jesus in the heavenly realms, indeed, sealed by God’s holy spirit.  The list of what God has accomplished is impressive. And to note that where we have been seated is above every rule, power, authority in ANY age.  This is quite a statement especially to a people living in a place replete with demonic forces.  What Paul said was that there’s nothing to compare with Jesus. There’s no power stronger. So often in our lives we allow all kinds of powers to dwarf God, but in actuality, nothing is bigger, NOBODY is bigger than Jesus.  Come sit in the powerful gift of the provision of this Heavenly Father, this Lord, through the person of Jesus.  Come receive. Come experience. Come be filled.  This Sunday we are just going to practice that very thing as Josh Hobson, a friend of Westside, leads in worship while Pastor Brian is in England.