The Grace: Sit In It!

The people in the great metropolis of Ephesus knew much about power and magic -- in their realm magic was real, not just imagined.  People manipulated power for their own ends. They sought control of others and sought the blessing of so-called gods through their spells. Paul exhibited a power unheard of, however. It was something that thwarted all their attempts at power and control. It hindered their spells. It broke their strongholds and it was not rooted in many gods but in One God, whom Paul called Jesus, who as a man had died, come again to life and ruled over all powers and principalities in the heavenly realms. There was no one like THIS ONE. And the people of Ephesus bowed to Him, burned their scrolls and charms, and in return discovered a grace and a life never before experienced. With Jesus came freedom, and a named identity they had only dreamed of.  It was something to sit down in, to rest in, to find hope in. This was new. It was a grace, an undeserved favor, and it held a deep meaning. Come enter worship and discover anew a place to SIT, to REST, and to BE all you’ve ever dreamed possible.

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