Join the Journey, 6.2.19


Question: When has a point of suffering turned into a place of blessing in your life?


  1. My medical problems have brought my parents and I closer. Brought me back to the church family.

  2. Jesus turned abuse into a catalyst to create an opportunity for empathy and to see lives impacted by His love.

  3. My marriage is ending. I am still grieving, but I feel that being alone has brought me closer to my Savior. Hallelujah!

  4. My addiction taught me that Jesus always meets us where we are. He loves us, even when we can’t love ourselves. He forgives us, even when we can’t forgive ourselves.

  5. Living through my dad’s alcohol addiction led to swearing off alcohol for life.

  6. When my father passed suddenly which freed me to help my daughter’s family move and then I could move to be with them as well.

  7. Brain tumor - gave me a new purpose in life that has allowed me to aid others.

  8. When I was at the beginning of the loss of my marriage and God led me back to church for support and love.

  9. Only being able to have one child has made the experiences with Aurelia more precious.