Sneak Peek for this Sunday

sneak peek.jpg

Sit. Walk. Stand.  Three words that summarize the book written by Paul to the Christians living in the large metropolitan community with some 250,000 people called Ephesus. He wanted these believers to realize that Jesus had a higher and more powerful name than any of those powers who were named by the people.  Jesus had a Name and had an authority against which nothing could prevail. He could stand. On 26th of August in worship something happened. One of the opening songs declaring Jesus as the Lion and Lamb took hold, and the Lord moved upon the people, and they shouted, worshiped, and uplifted the sovereign beauty of Jesus.  As this happened there was this sense of God’s presence I experienced as authority. At that moment, nothing and noone was greater and to the core of my being I knew this. That moment, that was what it was like to stand in authority. In that place there’s nothing that can sway you. Paul invited the people into this place. “Who can stop the Lord Almighty?” asked that song on that Sunday and the answer is “No one.”  Indeed. Come worship this One who calls us to stand in authority!