Sneak Peek for this Sunday


You’re a priest carrying the Ark -- the presence of God -- so revered the people cannot be closer to you and the ark than nearly a mile and Joshua tells you to “Go stand in the river.”  At this point, on this day, the Jordan River is at flood stage and he has said “Go stand in it.” Looking at this, both you and the other three priests carrying the Ark with you and the Ark will be rushing downstream if this doesn’t go well.  Do you ask about the wisdom of this? Do you ask what the other priests say? Or do you just obey, “just do it”?

The priests of Joshua’s day were familiar with the Nike slogan and did not say a word but did as told. They went to stand in the river. The water was rushing in torrents, until their feet touched the water and then their feet landed not on water, not on mud, but on dry ground.  A God who created all things can do ANYTHING. What impact might this have had on your faith that day? How might you have felt toward Joshua as you glanced upstream and there was this tower of water that once was the river? Stewardship is all about obedience, and obedience begins with the next step.  Where is God asking you to “Just Do It!”