Called by God: Live In It

rooted in love 3.png

We are called to love and be loved.  That is our calling. To rest in the love God has for us, to live our lives immersed in that love, and to love others out of that love.   The call is simple. It all comes down to love. We live into that love so we can live out of that love. Sounds simple, right? Simple maybe, but not easy.  So many things can distract us. Our thoughts. Our hearts. Our actions. Our interactions. Our reactions. How can we live this out if so much can keep us from staying in that love?  We can’t. Not on our own. Not in our own power. Only through the power of God living in us can we stay grounded in that love. But it’s our choice. Do we live out of God’s love or do we go it alone.  It’s a daily decision. To choose love, God’s love. To walk in that love. To live in that love.