Sneak Peek for this Sunday


Stewardship is a season when we recognize that all of us are stewards.  We really know this. All of us have something for which we are responsible, whether our locker at school, or our wardrobe, our car, our apartment, our house, or whatever else.  We are all stewards, managers, in charge of something. We are stewards, no denying. However we do not always live as if that’s the case, indeed, we expend much energy trying to make others responsible for our lives at whatever level.  But what if- rather than the innumerable points of blame we might place on another- we simply took responsibility. What if we said — I’m in charge of this life, of my spending, of my income, of my belongings, of my life and stopped blaming another for our lot.  What if we owned this foundational responsibility? And made choices based this reality. That decision would bring us straight into the world of the Macedonians and Corinthians. Paul was amazed, staggered by the Macedonians who in poverty gave exceedingly. He invited to Corinthians without excuse to live up to the promises they’d made.  That was it. A steward takes responsibility and decides accordingly. How about you?