Sneak Peek for this Sunday


Tychicus.  He is just mentioned at the close of Paul’s letter to the Christians living in Ephesus.  He is the one sent to carry the scroll to Ephesus and read it to the Ephesian Church and go around from house to house where the various congregations of the church met and share it.  But he was not only to share the letter, for Paul wrote in the concluding remarks that he would also give an update on how Paul was doing, in that Roman prison awaiting trial or death, and would, Paul said, “encourage you.”  So, what’s the big deal? Well, he was a real person, with real faith, who lived in a real time and place and was a “dear brother,” and a “faithful servant,” alongside Paul. Indeed, the words Paul had written could not have had impact without him, for someone had to take the message.  What might we learn about Paul by what he said of Tychicus? And how might we encounter our own lives in the work of this brother who carried the message to the people? Is there any encouragement here for us on how we are called to live out our own callings in this day? Seriously, there’s a message here.  Come get a dose of encouragement and the challenge to live faithfully in the sphere of influence God has granted you. Let’s worship.