Sneak Peek for this Sunday


Esther tells the story of empowerment. It says there are enemies and people need to stand against them. What enemies do you see around you at this time within your life or without it? Against which do you need to stand? There are actions that we disagree with across this nation, truly. There are places where we need to take a stand and fight. There are places we have authority to do so, and other places where we do not. Certainly, within our own lives we have authority, God-granted authority, to stand and fight. But often even in that sphere, we give in rather than stand.

In Esther we are shown a king who gives permission to stand. This is the grandest permission slip ever given, perhaps: “I’ve said you will be killed, but now I say, no! Stand! Fight!” Suddenly, a people who were cringing with certain fear, had courage. Permission can do that, grant courage. “I give you permission to…” and we can stand, we can walk, we can forge ahead. What permission do you need to stand in your own life?

Don’t fight alone. Come find the authority God has given you to stand and fight. It is worth knowing you have this authority and important to take ahold of it. “Take thou authority…” intones the bishop over ordinands for ministry. Take it!

Come worship. Come hear of this authority. Come receive permission to stand and fight!