Join the Journey, 12.16.18

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Question: When have you felt like a reject, an outcast? What happened?


  1. When I lost my job for doing the correct thing.

  2. When moving to a new school in the middle of my 5th grade year. Somebody made fun of me in some way I can’t remember!

  3. Being rejected by my niece right now. My senior year of high school.

  4. When I was rejected by my husband - I felt alone - My church family surrounded me.

  5. My new sister-in-law had a large party for Mel and I after we were married. I didn’t know any of his many Jewish relatives.

  6. Being a pregnant teen in the church. The judgment was intense and turned my heart against God and myself.

  7. Growing up a naturally obese child and adult exposed me to many difficult situations and statements.