Join the Journey, 5.13.18


Question: Remember a moment, name it, when someone stopped to care for you.


  1. People that helped me after surgery 5.11.17
  2. Joe stopped to hug, listen and encourage me when I was having a bad day.
  3. When I had knee surgery and a friend came and stayed with me.
  4. Telly today.  But this week Antonia, 5, stopped and offered mercy and grace after I fell.
  5. Numerous Westside members helped us with our wedding on 5.6!  We are so grateful!
  6. In huge difficult times my mother will stop and drop everything to come and care for me.
  7. My mom.  All the time.  Especially when I was sick.  We laughed, we cried, she never left my side.
  8. When I broke my arm and my boys took care of me.