Join the Journey, 12.9.18

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Question: How do you see God showing up through your life?


  1. Children and grandchildren.

  2. Love from family and friends; generosity of others.

  3. He is within me - His Holy Spirit keeps me in a humble and serene space.

  4. Answering prayer and comforting myself and family He is leading the way.

  5. Guiding me to areas to serve those less fortunate.

  6. Talking to me about life - helping me deal with grief! Reminding me of my faith.

  7. I pause and pray, instead of reacting.

  8. Through my neighbors, Bea and Don. Through my partner, Wayne. God’s protection during a recent fall. Jenna, my daughter’s life, new job and boyfriend this year.

  9. In so many ways! Continued good health of me and my sister, my home, friends, work, etc, etc, etc.

  10. In promptings to connect with people and share my joy.

  11. Everyday in the growth of my children and the continued growth of my ministry.

  12. By giving me my Love of my Life, my wife.

  13. In my children and grandchildren, friends and neighbors and the many unknown faces I see every day.