Sneak Peek for this Sunday


What an experience we have had this month focusing on what it means to be stewards!  We heard testimony about what it means to be stewards of the gifts God has given us by Debbie Gable.  Kevin Cosgrove shared how we might learn more about stewarding our own hearts, and developing a heart more like God.  And Chris Brehmer challenged how we think about our finances -- to give not just a tithe of our take home, but a tithe of our before-tax income, and even give more to God than we spend on ourselves!  Now that is a radical goal! What challenges! We have heard of sharing of our time and the giving of our service and the challenge to step up in our giving. Then we experienced a move of God last Sunday that was nothing shy of miraculous. So we arrive at Extravagant Generosity Sunday to fill out our pledge cards to say how we will give, share of our time, and serve God this next year, beginning January 1st.  So, pray, and come on Sunday prepared to say “this is how we will be giving in these areas.” You can anticipate a great Sunday as we welcome the Inspiring Generosity Queen Cesie Delve Scheuermann to be with us. Plan to Come! Plan to stay for a Soup Feast afterward! Celebrate!