"Pentecost - Holy Spirit Come!"



What was this like that first day when the Holy Spirit came?  Others thought they looked drunk with joy! They saw tongues of fire appear over each of them. They heard wild sounds and then heard coming from each of their mouths what sounded like other languages.  The Day of Pentecost. We treat it as if it was somehow very tame, respectable, proper. Yet it was anything but. The Holy Spirit came upon these first followers-- some 120 of them in that upper room -- and all heaven broke loose and with that heaven came 3000 converts that first day.  Not an ordinary Sunday by any stretch of the imagination. And perhaps we need to stretch our imaginations a bit more to engage with who the Holy Spirit is as He/She moves, changes, challenges, shifts our thinking and impacts our lives. Let’s engage with this Holy One. Let’s be a people who receive fully the Spirit and are changed and transformed because of that encounter.  Even if we look drunk! May the Joy of the Holy Spirit become ours.