We Put on Our Walking Shoes

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For months we sat in the first three chapters of Ephesians reflecting upon this fact: where we are is different than were we came from. That God had done something to move us because of love and mercy, from one place to another, from “outside” of Christ to “In Christ,” from excluded to included, from no hope to filled with hope, indeed, filled and rooted in love.  This was a huge thing and Paul described this, and now, he describes something more -- that how we “walk” out what God has “done” needs to reflect the new person we have become. Paul describes the human condition around us in those we meet who have no hope like we discovered, and invites his readers and us into a new way of living with emotions, with temptations, with feelings, in all our relationships. This NEW way is a way of walking that can change the world.  Our missions team will share how we were wearing these new shoes as we walked out the faith in the Dominican Republic and how we saw Jesus at work inviting us to live in new ways. Don’t miss worship. And expect to meet God as you come.