Join the Journey, 8.19.18


Question:  Who comes to mind when you think of someone who shines with the light of the Lord?


  1. Tuukka, Ursula, Panda, Brownie, Tutter, Helen, Clovis, Julius, Jet, Reggie, Mr. Black, Marshal, Nannook, Minnie, Bart
  2. Pastor Brian
  3. Brian, Jan H, Yasmine, Abby
  4. Jan Harlan
  5. Jan Harlan, Pastor Brian
  6. Michele Wells
  7. Bonnie Becker, Mya, Brian Shimer
  8. Randy Loayza, Brian Shimer
  9. My friend, Lynette, who lives in California
  10. Fred - when he sings he shines God's Glory!
  11. I believe that to me, Josh Fedderly comes to mind
  12. Pastor Brian