Sneak Peek for this Sunday


What’s the meaning of church for you?  Why do you come? Why do you stay away? In this era, in this culture, at the time in life, what causes you to be involved or not be involved in the worshiping community of Westside?

Culturally we live in an era in which weekly church attendance is impossible for many -- between work, sports, family commitments, etc.,  it is outside the realm of possibility to get to a worship event. But what is the reason to try to come? This Sunday I witnessed one mother and daughter, standing side by side, the daughter stood on a chair, arms around one another, singing joyfully together and I thought:  that’s one reason: To worship as a family. There were dads with daughters, sisters together, friends. I saw people connecting, belonging to one another and to the Lord. Last week I saw several surround a couple who were in tough circumstances, praying, hugging, crying, loving. That’s church. That’s community.  The fact is: We need each other. To worship together, to stand with one another worshiping this One creator God is one way we get to recognize and experience that belonging. Come to worship: Belong.