What was Lost is Now Found

prodigal son 4.jpg

I was standing in line, freezing, outside of the kiosk at Bridgeport Mall to order something for dinner. I had been stuck three hours at the Apple Store, and while my computer rested in the warm building, I was standing, shivering in line behind this guy ordering lots of burritos.  While we waited we chatted, teeth chattering, and discovered we were both clergy, and that I knew and had worked with his predecessor at MacLaren Youth Authority. Chaplain Sean Page is a delightful, vibrant light at MacLaren, and a joy to meet. Therefore, I’ve wanted you all to meet him too. He is coming to share about his work and about the fact that there are many kids who have lost their ways and need the chance to meet the Father. God had already been working in my heart about volunteering at a prison, but had not found a way.  Then Sean was in front of me, and God opened this really BIG DOOR. Meeting the youth there in MacLaren has been so impactful. God has worked in my heart and given opportunities for His Word to impact their lives. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet Sean and hear God speak through Him.