Sneak Peek for this Sunday


There are so many things I have always loved about Joseph. First, he says nothing in the gospels.  No recorded word. That’s immense. Second, he’s a strong, silent type. I don’t know what that is like! :-) He is righteous -- upright before God. He is chosen to be the earthly dad for the Son of God, that has got to merit him some admiration.  Some of us guys get to be dads of all kinds of incredible kids, but there was only One Jesus. And I imagine the stress of the responsibility to raise God’s Son might have been a bit overwhelming! Yet, Joseph, he sought an out it appears not because he thought Mary had really sinned, but because he believed she was pregnant with God! It took divine intervention and a prophetic quote to convince this man Joseph not to go through with his plan.  And that’s all it took. Joseph shifted gears and “did what the angel had said” and took Mary home as his wife but had no union with her until she brought forth Jesus. What a guy. How are you “Still Joseph” as events come that bring fear? How are you still him as you choose faith? How are you still him as you obey God in your life? What might it look like for you to walk alongside of Jesus as Jesus works within you?